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Sportsutstyr av høy kvalitet | Rask leveringstid

About Froystad Sport

Frøystad AS have an long tradition when it comes to serving Norwegian fishermen with equipment. Since 1972 Frøystad have produced and delivered fishing nets, pots and ropes to both domestic and overseas customers.  

In cooperation with Norges handballforbund in 2007-2008, Frøystad developed the handball trainingpartner. It is  a rebounder that you can use under training to get better controll over the ball and to develop skills such as technique, shooting, passing and heading. This rebounder is developed using note, the same that is used by fishermen. The rebounder works like a trampoline, where the ball returns with the same pace as it hit the rebounder. This makes it possible for the player to challenge himself. 

In 2010 the popular footballpartner got developed, and in the following years it was developed more models and sizes. In 2014 the keeperpartner was developed, the keeperpartner is specialized to help keepers improve their reaction and concentration. 

In 2020 Frøystad will expand more within the sports department and develope a new website, named Frøystad Sport.

We welcome both new and old customers!

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